Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So here again, is the Weekly Challenge from Laura Harms (I THINK I've been spelling it correctly, but I won't swear to it!)  :  )

This week, Laura challenges us to create a Zentangle tile Using Only One Tangle! Oh, what fun!

First, let me refer you to my tile for the first Challenge:  "Simplicity" That one used only Cadent in graduated sizes of pen.

So, of course, Cadent leaped immediately to mind, but that wouldn't have been challenging at all, since I was Done already.
I thought of  Flux, since I love to draw those swoopy, leafy shapes. But my first few attempts were disappointing. Then I thought of Betweed. I Really like the way this one looks in the long, narrow, ribbon-y format. Again, I was not happy! Too stilted.

Maggie, you're Overthinking again! It's Zentangle!!!

Once I added the third, slightly different area of Betweed, I was much happier!

So then I said, "While you're Flowing, instead of Thinking, draw a string and try Flux one more time.

Much Better!!

I'll have more this weekend. I've been very productive this week!


  1. I like how you used betweed in several different ways. And your Flux is very swoopy and flowy.
    two of my favorites.

  2. I especially love the center area of the second tangle. It is fabulous!

  3. I also used Betweed, my first go. Difficult. I LOVE HOW YOU WOVE IT UNDER. Cool! I like the Flux also, must try all these patterns

  4. Love it! The absolutely gorgeous flux tile is fabulous.

  5. Wow to both! Love the second one, very organic.

  6. They are both beautiful. The rope-y feel of Betweed is wonderful. Flux is soft and romantic. How could any others you did be unhappy?

  7. I think they're both gorgeous! Totally different styles...but your hand is recognizable in both. Love it!

  8. I'm glad that you got into the flow with the Flux; it is beautiful!