Sunday, March 6, 2011

Repeat after me:

It WILL be OK!

It WILL all work out!

This class WILL happen!

OK, so my tech support has not been able to get online registration and payment working: I can adapt, even at this late date! (see Learn Zentangle tab)

So the furniture isn't going to be here on time: there are options!

There will be a Zentangle 101 class at my studio space next Saturday! If you're in the Asheville area, come & bring a friend.

I'm so excited about sharing Zentangle with new friends!!


  1. Breathe Relax Smile - yes it will all work out and you'll get a new high just from teaching and sharing zentangle - just hang on until then. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. The plus is in the possibilities - see how creative you are going to become? How problem-solving will expand your coping capacity? Sharing art will release stress? You really CAN do this and they WILL enjoy it and you WILL get through this! *G*

  3. Missing you as I sit in lectures all weekend. I've been tangling like crazy and have actually provided the link to learn more about Zentangle to several of my cohorts here. Am sending up very positive energy for you today.