Thursday, January 27, 2011


So, last week Rick and Maria published a New Tangle Pattern in the Zentangle Newsletter:  Ixorus . And this week Laura challenged us to use this tangle in our Weekly Challenge tile.

This one grew on me as I played with it, and began to take on a life of its own! I offer 2 tiles here (and I have more ideas!)

I'm working on the Valentine's Day swap (I'll post these AFTER they're sent out, of course),  and Something Special for Groundhog Day here.

And Ixorus may be just the "I" tangle that I need for the "Tangle Your Name" challenge at Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns site.

AND I have a few extra days off coming up. Lots of Tangling Time!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Once again: can't wait for next week's Challenge. Laura/Diva you are just incredible! Don't know how you do all you do and keep up with this project, too. Thank you, thank you!!

This was loads of fun, I love drawing big round things! If you look at the photo on my profile page, you'll understand  : )

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling Challenged

Oh, my, so many awesome challenges and projects:

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #5: Orbs. I have several good ideas on this one, just need the Time to get them on paper!

Linda Farmer's Tangle Your Name: This looks like a lot of fun, and I'm hoping to get some work done on it this weekend.

A "Swap" with other CZT's for Valentine's Day. I'm really excited about this one, and I think I've got a good start on it.

Continuing to develop this Blog, and publish the info that I want to get Out There in the "Blogosphere"
Finding a site where I can teach Zentangle classes

I'd better go get to work on Something!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One more!

The Weekly Challenge 12/27/10 was the "Two-Pencil String:" draw your string with a pair of pencils held (or rubber-banded) together.
I REALLY liked this one, and it's actually the one I'm currently using as my "photo" on my profile.

I got so involved in how to tangle that doubled string ~ I finally decided that the tangle changed with every twist. If you think about it, this means that that ribbon-like string actually has at least four different faces.
Then the decision: to fill it in, or just let the string speak for itself. . .

I don't think I actually "saw" the heart shape until after I'd scanned it! I must have on some level, since my initials are in the right place : )

I'm looking forward to the next challenge! Please notice that I added the button to link from here to The Diva's challenges.

I am so amazed and gratified at the number of people who have found me here, and left such lovely, encouraging comments! Thank you all. I'm glad to be a part of the community!

Catching up?

Just so that I will feel "complete," I want to go ahead and post my entries to the Diva's Weekly Challenge #'s 2 and 3.

Week 3 (1/3/2011) was called Eyes Wide Shut. The challenge was to draw your "string" with your eyes closed! Many of us participating discovered that, even though we thought we were making big sweeping strokes, we ended up with very small, cramped strings. Strange. . .

I did 2 of these. For the first one,  I not only drew my string "blind,"

I then used my favorite "Random Number Generator" to select the tangles I used to fill in my string.

I had so much fun with this, and ended up trying a couple of tangles I'd never used. Stretching is good!

So I decided to do another one. Again, I drew an eyes-shut string, but this time I selected my own tangles:

I "wasted" a lot of time this afternoon trying to find a random number widget that I really like. I'll keep looking and share it when I can!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

One more Surprise

As I said: Very Earth-Bound: at least this one has some Water.  : )

And Many Thanks to my Dear Friend who said "maybe Shattuck. . . ?"

Now that I've more-or-less completed this Challenge I can spend some time tomorrow on this Blog!!

Starry Eyed Surprise

Week 4 of The Diva's Weekly Challenge : Starry-eyed Surprise. I had some trouble coming up with something I really liked here. everything I created was very "earth-bound," despite the music and other people's images.

I finally decided that it was either the mood of the moment or my basic earthsign personality, and just went with it!

One of the first mental images that came to me from the title of the challenge was of Davy Jones (of Monkees fame) and the stars in his eyes, and Hers, when he first saw the Girl of the Week.
I was certainly Surprised to find those Starry Eyes hiding in the Garden:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have a blog??

Yes, I do! What is my world coming to? As usual, I am dragged kicking and screaming into another application of Modern Technology.

It's very strange that in my Professional Life I embrace every new advance, but in my Personal and Private life I continue to resist. Social Networking of all kinds is utterly foreign to me. So Why am I blogging?

It all started with Zentangle ®, an incredible "meditative artform" that I discovered about 11 months ago. (I'll add a post about my Zentangle Journey later.)

More immediately, I must place the blame for this Blog on Laura Harms and her Weekly Challenges. I've been having a lot of fun creating Zentangles for these challenges, but was finding that I wanted to be able to add comments or "explain myself" as I posted these. For example, the Week One Challenge on Dec 20, was called "Simplicity." Now I almost immediately knew where I wanted to go with this, but it was Christmas Week, and I didn't get my tile completed.

So, here's my version of Simplicity:

I used a single tangle pattern: Cadent, and 4 different pens: Sakura Pigma Micron 005,01,05, and 08.

Now I'm off to work on this week's challenge: Starry Eyed Surprise !