Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walk the Line

Another Challenge from the Diva: This is #14! This means we have been Challenged for a quarter of a year: the first Challenge was 12/20/2010, just at the Winter Solstice, and now the Spring Equinox has come.

This week's challenge is to create a Zentangle (or ZIA) using only straight lines! Pretty tricky for those of us who love lush curvy forms. I know I wasn't nearly as creative as some: I didn't create "tangleations" of traditionally round tangles, using straight lines.

But it's not a competition, it's a challenge. And I felt challenged, and had fun! Which is the point. In the future, I may try some of those tangleations. Another thing to add to the "someday, when I have time" pile! That pile just keeps getting higher!

I Swear, every line is as straight as I could make it : )
We know about the illusion of curve in Rick's Paradox, but I hadn't seen the illusion in Cadent, because I usually draw it with curvy lines. These were done straight, corner to corner, and they still look curved to me!

I LOVE spending time every week looking at what others have done with Laura's challenges. Soooo inspiring! This awesome Zentangle community inspires me in so many ways, and I'm so glad I'm here!


  1. This is a wonderful tangle! Yes, Cadent and Paradox do give the illusion of 'curves'. And your herringbone pattern is interesting. VERY nice.

  2. So amazing in it's complete form. I especially like AbbeRoad and need to stop resisting it and let you teach me how to do it! Beautiful. I never got my humble offerings sent to Laura this week.

  3. Beautiful tile!I love the herringbone .
    Thank you for your nice comment on "pitpath".