Friday, April 1, 2011

Lovin' my Curves

The Diva's 15th Weekly Challenge: after last week's  all-straight-lines challenge is to create a tile (or other ZIA) with all curvy lines!

This was a little trickier than I expected: I DO love curves, but I tend to try to balance straight or grid-based tangles with curvy ones in my tiles. So I paid more attention to dark/light, filled/open. I had a lot of fun with this one!!

 This one I started in one doctor's waiting room on Wednesday, and finished in another.

Wednesday was a very doctor-y day!

"Love Your Curves: aka Waiting at the Doctor's Office"

The second on was just for fun, to try some different tangles, and because I had a little extra time.

"Lovin' My Curves!"

So I DO love my curves, and my daughters' curves, and Every Body's unique and special curves!!!


  1. Lovely - especially like the 2nd one has an elegance to it and very nice poke root

  2. Very nice! One good thing about a doctor's appointment ;)

  3. The second one makes me think of grapes and spaghetti. :D Love it!

  4. Pretty cool. Isn't it nice to find something PLEASANT to do in a waiting room?

  5. Both of these are very, very pretty!

  6. Beautiful tangles, sure makes the waiting time go fast!

  7. Both are very lovely. Did anyone ask you what you were doing or try to peek?

  8. Nice tangles! cute cherries/berries!