Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Space Between (or maybe Betweed)

This week's Challenge from the Diva is about Space. I found it very synchronous: last Sunday I was working on a larger piece, and my godson said "It'd be really cool if you did some of that lettering in negative space." So on Monday morning I was trying to work out how to do that, when Laura posted this Challenge!

Like many others at the Challenge site, leaving Space is not necessarily something I usually do, although I have made some attempts.

I drew my string with "Leave Some Space" in mind, and it ended up looking very skeletal, but I went with it. Drew the string and started tangling while waiting to get my lab work done. Continued later that day at the vet's office, then ran out of time & didn't pick it up again until today (Saturday)

The Space Between: between the tangles, between the Worlds? The Void, the space of  "No-Thing-ness." The Center of All Things.The Place of Transformation.

Today, I reach deep into the Space Between, to find the Change I'm seeking in my life!


  1. That's gorgeous. Changes forming from the space in-between... I love your words as much as your tangle!! So true. *hug*

  2. Very cool - and "the space betweed" is a great title!

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by at my blog :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment too!
    I love your tangles btw :)