Friday, February 4, 2011

Just . . .BREATHE!

So, I decided NOT to over think this one. I just took several long deep cleansing breaths, and let the energy flow from my hand to my pencil to my tile. My string looked like a weird bunch of balloons, or possibly certain sagging portions of my anatomy.

Then I Very, VERY deliberately began to Tangle, reminding myself constantly to Breathe (and relax my grip on the pen!) I didn't let myself Think too much, just let the tile tell me what it wanted. I ended up using a couple of tangles that I usually Don't, because the tile asked for them: Isochor for example.

I had some other ideas, but they were rather complex, and crying to be done Large, so I'm saving them for later.

So remember to check out all the other awesome Zentangles at the Diva's Weekly Challenge.

Have a great weekend, think of me at Work!  More on Monday!


  1. Truly creative and inspired by cool is that!

  2. What a beautiful and balanced composition - it's lovely.

  3. This one is breathing in every direction. I started playing Anna's song while I contemplated it (inspired by your blog title, of course!). It's such an 'open' reaching out ZT - truly beautiful, MaggieK!