Saturday, February 12, 2011

O2 for Artoo

This week's Challenge #8 from Laura Harms was posted from the hospital, where her Baby Boy Artoo had been admitted for respiratory problems. The challenge was to create a heart, using two previous challenges and send healing intentions in Artoo's direction.

I didn't have a lot of actual pen-to-paper tangling time this week, but the intent and healing energy kept flowing to Saskatchewan. On Thursday, during a meeting, the idea for this tile flowed from my pen, all over my meeting notes.

By the time I actually sat down with a tile Friday night, little Artoo had recovered enough to return home!
I used the Challenges "Orbs" & "Breathe."

I even added a little color to this one, because it asked.

All those lovely leafy Flux-y tangles in the heart are Very Busy expiring Lots and LOTS of O2 for Artoo!

All my best wishes to Laura, and her lovely family: B-rad, Chewie, and of course Artoo. Continued Healing, growing Health and Strength, and Many Blessings!


  1. Very nice. And just the right amount of color.

  2. This is a lovely gentle tile...I especially love the little hearts in red.

  3. This is so pretty and delicate looking!

  4. Yes, delicate is the word - can almost see it fluttering in a gentle breeze.

  5. Filled with growing 'heart leaves' - how beautiful!

  6. Beautiful and very well said and designed!