Sunday, February 20, 2011

Late Again, but I showed up anyway

Last week's Challenge from Laura/the Diva was to use her tangle "Artoo," which she created while hanging around the hospital with her son of the same name.

Artoo has recovered from his respiratory infection and returned home. Laura, I'm sure, is still trying to "catch up" on everything that didn't get done while she was full-time caring for Artoo. Here's hoping that his recovery is complete, and that all is settling down in Saskatchewan!!

I love this tangle! I love organic, leafy things, so I used this and a couple of others. Spring is Coming, Artoo is growing and healing.

Busy week here, which is why I'm late with this tile, but a couple of days now to relax and spend time with loved ones and/or Tangling. Tangling with loved ones is one of my very favorite things!! In my immediate family I now have 2 daughters, 1 soon-to-be daughter-in-law, one dear sister-friend, one granddaughter and two god-children who are all Awesome Tanglers, each with his or her own special path!

It's great to watch, and share, and Love each other's Art. Maybe I'll share some of their work here soon.


  1. Beautiful tile! It is alive with the promise of spring!

  2. I love the way you address Artoo in your tangle. It is really nice!

  3. This one has such a light and airy feeling – beautiful!!!

  4. i'm late with the slideshow too, so you're in! ;)