Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where Have I Been?

This is maggie, trying to blow the cobwebs off this blog. At some point, my header has gone awry. I'll have to work on that.
I can't exactly tell you where I've been for the last year. Sometime in October I just slipped away: from Zentangle, and from many other aspects of my life. 

I'm sure many people have wondered at my failure to respond, and I apologize.

I kept thinking I'd get back to it. After the Sun turned back toward the North in December. After the  Holiday Chaos was over. After Spring finally arrived in earnest. After, After AFTER.

My loved ones have been very patient. Probably more patient and less judgmental than I've been with myself. I was away so long, that I began to be very anxious when I thought of returning to the Blog. or anything else. 

Recently, just as I made the difficult decision to close my studio space, a new opportunity arose. A chance to participate in a show of Zentangle-inspired Art, and to offer a class to a new group of people. This opportunity came "out of the blue" so to speak, through my oldest and dearest friend, who is also a Zentangle student.

Last Friday we hung a display of work by three of my students, as well as myself (they seriously outnumber me in volume of work displayed). Martha Moore and Lee Robirds of Greenwood, SC and Savannah Willingham of Asheville, NC (as photographed by Sandra Miller).
3 by 3
Martha, Maggie, Lee

The show is at Howard's on Main Delicatessen in Greenwood, SC,and will hang through the month of October, so if you're nearby drop in!

Savannah: Tangled

Many thanks to Dohnna Boyajian, herself a Greenwood artist, who coordinated the show and the class.
And to Howard Corley (of Howard's on Main) for his support, for offering a wonderful space for display, and for his Fine Food!

For some reason, I'm having a dreadful time getting my photos "right-side-up."

I'm going to quit fighting it, and post this as is.

More tomorrow.

Blessed be, and Joyous Tangling!

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