Saturday, May 14, 2011

Out of Focus (OoF)

In the recent Zentangle newsletter Rick gave us a new tangle, OoF, inspired by a window at The Cloisters, a NY museum I've always wanted to see! (also influenced by Rick's lack of visual acuity without his glasses:thus the name: Out of Focus)

And of course, Laura-the-Diva challenges us to USE this new tangle in Challenge #21 at her I am the Diva blog.

I skipped last week's Royal Wedding Challenge: time constraints, AND I was completely overwhelmed by the opulence of it all!

This week's Challenge was a little more manageable for me: I've done 2 tiles and could do more with this, but I'm out of time (again, as usual). This one is fun: you have to pay some attention to get the arcs right, so it's not SuperSimple, but it's not so complex that I had trouble wrapping my brain around it!

I like the way it works with Bales.

I want to play with this some more: try a little more relaxed approach. I feel that I'm still a little too "stiff" with it.
Ahhh well, another excuse to tangle. As if I needed one!

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  1. Nice tiles, kiddo. The OoF does look fabulous with bales - gonna try that!