Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elegance of Limits

In Zentangle, we speak of the Elegance of Limits: the small 3.5x3.5 inch tile, the string defining the limits of our drawing, the black-on-white freeing us from color decisions. . .

Of course, we also recognize our ability to "color outside the lines." We can Tangle on a larger page. We can extend our tangles beyond our string to the edges of the tile, or even spill over onto the back! We can create Zentangle Inspired Art on other surfaces, either 2-or 3-dimensional. We can choose to add  Color. The possibilities inspired by Zentangle are endless!

Yesterday I sat down with my Large (9x12 inch) sketch book, to begin thinking on a project. A local micro-brewery is sponsoring a "Beer Coaster Art Contest!" What fun! A beer coaster (or beer mat) is about 4 inches square, and has a lovely, slightly porous surface. How perfect for ZIA!!

But at this point, I was "just thinking" with a pen and paper. As often happens my tangling got beyond my control, and took on a life of its own. I did not draw a string, just began making tangles.

I'm going to call this "The Lushness of Lack of Limits." It reminds me of the overblown opulence of High Summer!
Now I'm thinking of adding Color!

But I'm supposed to be at work, so I'd better get moving   : ). I'd MUCH rather stay home and Tangle.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!

  2. This is lovely - it looks like the small garden I keep my Lily of the Valley in - overgrown and lush and wonderful in its spontaneous growth.

  3. This is truly beautiful! I love it when there are no (or few) limits!


  4. Oh yes, elegant, lush and delicate! I love the element of surprise when your pen flows and magic happens.

  5. Cela est très beau. Je ne sais plus ou commence le dessin ou le zentangle. Merci pour vos partages.

    "This is very beautiful. I do not know where begins drawing or zentangle. Thank you for your shares. (google translation)"