Friday, May 27, 2011

The Challenge of String Theory

This week, Laura-the-Diva provided us a string, to be filled with tangles of our choice. As usual, I had a little struggle with "over-thinking," but managed to get beyond it pretty quickly.

The next challenge was to translate Her String to My This took several tries, since I sometimes fight with my technology. Eventually I managed to copy the picture, and resize it appropriately. I actually did this in a Word document! Then I printed it on regular printer paper, and colored the back with pencil: the old "poor-woman's carbon paper." Laid it on a tile and drew over the string lines, and Voila!

As you may have noticed, I'm currently very enamored of  PokeRoot.

I Really want to try it with some color. The color of the Poke berry is a deep rich purple.

Medicinally, they are very detoxifying to the lymphatic system (but must be used Only under the advice of a qualified professional! They can be toxic if not taken properly)

In the garden, the poke weed is extremely invasive and has an amazing root, which can be all but impossible to eradicate. Trust me~ I've tried!

It's Late: I have to go to work!! Looking forward to Saturday, when I can look at all the Challenge entries.
and a visit from the Blue Ridge Woman on Sunday!


  1. And the Blue Ridge Woman can't wait to visit!! Love your tile... chuckling a bit at all the effort you went to for the string... I looked at Diva's and copied it freehand. Ah... that is one of the few differences between you and me and one of the reasons our halves make such a cool whole!

  2. Lovely tile and Poke Root is one of my faves also.