Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Tangle Pattern: Abbe Road

Abbeville, SC is a charming, historic little town in South Carolina's "Upstate," near the (current) home of my dear friend, BlueRidgeWoman. The Square has lots of great shops, the Abbeville Opera House, and this Very Tangle-able brick paving:

This is a simple herringbone brickwork pattern. You don't even HAVE to use the pencil grid. The general proportions of the "bricks" is 1 unit wide x 2 units long. It's easiest to draw a line of bricks, each offset by half a brick, then rotate your tile 90 degrees and do the next row.

Enjoy this!

Blessed Be & Joyous Tangling!


  1. What a beautiful illustration!

  2. I love this! Now that you've deconstructed it so well I may brave this one!

  3. I was thinking about this pattern a while ago. Good idea to use the offset dots. I'll have to give it a try without the graph behind. Well done!