Saturday, August 13, 2011

Opposites Attract

Another terrific Challenge from Laura Harms' I am the Diva site. This week our "guest host" is again Christina Vandervlist of stART, and she brings us the idea that "Opposites Attract." In this case, combining a straight-line string with curvy tangles,or vice-versa.

Again, this was trickier than I thought it would be. I started with the straight string, thinking that I'm so fond of the curvy, organic tangles, that it would be simpler. Then I could try the curved string/straight tangles one.

I tried a few tangles I hadn't used before, and I had a lot of fun stretching. The first tile was more of a stretch than expected, and I'm pleased with the result.

The second tile was going more smoothly, other than a small "goof" in my Hollibaugh (not a Mistake, of course, just an unintended line).Then I got to one last section, and Could Not figure out how to fill it!

I stared, and sighed, and pondered for (what seemed like) hours. I finally did fill it in, AND as I began to rotate the tile I found another one of those serendipitous heart-sort-of-shapes.

My house is full, so I'm going to post this.

More soon! Until then,
Blessed Be, and Joyous Tangling!


  1. I like them! give my love to your full house!

  2. I love how your first tile looks like a garden! Wonderful!