Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zentangle is for Everyone! Weekly Challenge #32

This week's is brought to us by guest host Carole Ohl. Carole invites us to create a tile using 4 specific tangles, AND to mail these to her for participation in a showing of art to emphasize that "Zentangle is for Everyone."

The selected tangles are Baton by Carole OhlKeenees by Donna Hornsby, Pais by Mikee Huber, and Zedbra by Margaret Bremner & Laura Harms.
I have tended to limit myself to Official Tangles, not through any bizarre chauvinism, but I think because I become utterly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of tangle patterns out in the world! So this was a Giant Step outside my comfy box, and I embraced the opportunity. I've also had more tangling time, since I'm taking a couple of weeks off work to be with my Last-Born daughter and new granddaughter KiSSy. (Not that I'm really needed, but it's nice to have a little downtime, and spend time snuggling the baby, and tangling!)

This is actually my 3rd attempt at this Challenge: I wanted to let Pais run wild
I really like Pais, and had a lot of fun with Zedbra. Keenees and Baton are fun, too. Good for me to learn some new stuff!!

So it's only Wednesday, and I've finished 3 tiles!! I'm going to post them all here, and probably send the first two on to Carole. I think it's a  terrific idea to show people that Anyone can create a Zentangle, and that there is no Right or Wrong way to do it!
Given four specific patterns there will be an unlimited variety in the end products, only dependent on the number of artists participating. Very Exciting!!

2nd attempt: the idea for shading Zedbra was one of those early-morning visions!

First try, and my least favorite of the three

BTW: my spell-check doesn't recognize
but offers Zed bra as a valid option.
 Reminds me of a joke about lingerie sizing
; D.


  1. Very fun! You have some lovely 'popping Pais' going on in these! Looking forward to seeing them in person!

  2. I like all three... (funny joke there, Maggie!). I really like how Pais looks 3D in yours. Glad you've got some "you" time!