Sunday, October 2, 2011

Late Again!!

. . . for the Diva's 41st Weekly Challenge! I actually completed 2 tiles while at my son's house last night, but by the time we got home I was too tired to post them.

I just spent a couple of lovely hours looking through this week's entries. It's always fun to see all the different interpretations of the theme. This week the Challenge is a "DuoTangle:" create a tile (or ZIA) using only 2 tangles: thee official Zentangle tangles Jonqal & Opus.

Laura once again managed to come up with two tangles that I generally don't use, so there was a "learning curve." I still want to play around some more with Opus. It does have that luscious curviness, and plenty of ways to vary it.

At any rate: here are my attempts at "Duotangle v II"

"Opus 1"

I feel of like I don't quite have the necessary "looseness" and  flow of Opus yet.

But it's about the PROCESS, right? and my process will involve further practice with this one!!

Blessed Be and Joyous Tangling!
"Opus 2"

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  1. Really enjoy your tangles, great job on both. I relate to your share on getting the opus looseness, it's tough but I think you got it!